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GUARDIAN was created as an outlet for friends to enjoy gaming sans drama. We are a fun guild. We are a respectful guild. We are to maintain the distinction between the game, and our everyday personal lives.

Guardian is a guild that does not have any one label. Members are encouraged to Raid, PvP, and even to Role-play. Members are not expected to choose which of these aspects of the game to specialize or to limit themselves, but are encouraged to master it.

We intend to maintain a quality environment for people who play all aspects of the game, and who wish to do so with friends and family. Even if you didn't come into the guild with friends that you could enjoy the game with...know that you will find them here.

We have stood the test of time. Through good times and bad. Never will we forget to enjoy the game and each other’s company...nor will we take it for granted.

Together, we are Guardian!


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