1. Loot Rules  As this is primarily the reason many people raid we might as well hit this first. We operate in a 1 need 2 off spec system. This of course resets when all who share mainspec of an item have won something.  Simply put if you have already won something share the wealth, we are in there as a group, a stronger group makes it more fun and much easier.
  2. Attitude  We all get bent at each other from time to time but don't personally attack or berate anyone if you can help it. We are all there to have fun don't take much of what is said personally. That being said the raid lead might have to say something that rubs you wrong, their job is to have the raid be as successful as possible. So please bear with it trust me we don't enjoy being mean.
  3. Attendence  Raids start at 7 server usually, which means you need to be online with your food (both irl and in game), flasks, pots, and anything else you require at 6:45 so the show will be off the ground by 7. If you must be late or are gunna have to miss inform your raid leader as soon as possible we are reasonable folks not gunna get mad over RL happening it is after all more important.
  4. Qualifying  No we are not hardcore and our requirements are not all that stringent but to ensure the success of every raid you need to be at least checked over by a raid leader or someone they designate. This can range from a simple inspection all the way up to a test of their design.