For now policies are found at THIS link but are now be edited to fit here.

The links on this page may be broken/mislinked as this section is under construction.

Before you delve in to the guild rules, please review a few definitions. Being familiar with these terms may prove to be helpful in the following sections!

All members of Guardian are expected to know, follow, and help uphold the basic rules. These rules should not come as a surprise. For the most part they reflect decency and propriety in all aspects of the game.

Everyone who joins Guardian is briefed on the rules when they join, and are given this guide as a reference. There will be no excuses for breaking these rules so please do not feign ignorance.

As a member of Guardian we ask you to remember that respect is the number one rule.

Please keep all content PG-13
......between 6am server and 10pm server.

That is respect for your guild mates, and fellow World of Warcraft player. There will be no condescending behavior, no bad mouthing players or guild, no ninjas or purposefully deceptive language. This goes for all aspects of the game in where you represent Guardian - guild runs, pug runs, trade chat, forums, fan sites and ventrilo. Please also remember that even though we play on a roleplay server, while Guardian is not a roleplay guild, bashing roleplay or those who choose to role play is also considered disrespectful and is not tolerated.

With that out of the way, please review all of the other guild policies.