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GUARDIAN was created as an outlet for friends to enjoy gaming sans drama. We are a fun guild. We are a respectful guild. We are to maintain the distinction between the game, and our everyday personal lives.

Guardian is a guild that does not have any one label. Members are encouraged to Raid, PvP, and even to Role-play. Members are not expected to choose which of these aspects of the game to specialize or to limit themselves, but are encouraged to master it.

We intend to maintain a quality environment for people who play all aspects of the game, and who wish to do so with friends and family. Even if you didn't come into the guild with friends that you could enjoy the game with...know that you will find them here.

We have stood the test of time. Through good times and bad. Never will we forget to enjoy the game and each other’s company...nor will we take it for granted.

Together, we are Guardian!


Guardian Achievements

Policy Index
Guild Policies

All guild policies will be listed here in the same order they appear above.

They will be HTML tagged for quicker viewing of a specific policy. That means when you click on "AFKs", you will automatically jump to that section.



Infraction: a breach, violation, or infringement.

Pattern of Abuse: Multiple infractions. Or, infractions that have occurred more than once.

Cumulative Infractions: formed by or resulting from accumulation or the addition of infractions. Or, they happen one after the other with no deviation of the recognized pattern of abuse.

Ready and Waiting: ready to go at the right place and time, and waiting for the event to start.

Propriety: conformity to established standards of good or proper behavior or manners.


Guild Ranks

Coordinator - your guild leader, enforcer, Boss Lady is none other than...
                  Xethra / Keola / Yahira

Officer - those who are responsible for maintaining the quality of the guild of the guilds policies. They schedule events, handle complaints, recruit and promote members, and assist with maintenance. Your officers are
                 Mirrass / Kelvarr / Tinalle
                 Destineygivr / Huron / Cerberus
                 Aeronox / Neváeh / Allindyn

Veteran - these are long-time dedicated members of Guardian. They may hold some officer privileges and work as advisers to the officers but are not officers. They have some access to the guild bank for guild events and help officers run them. Many officers also place their alts into this rank to help distinguish their alts from main characters. Are also known as class leaders.
                 Braegon- Blood Dk / Prot Paly / Guardian Druid
                 Eravon - Dk / Restro Sham / Windwalker

Fallen Guardian -Inactivity rank. This is an honorary rank for members of the guild who have found the need to take a hiatus, or for others who may not be in either world any longer.

Knight - A valued member group, Knights are Guardian's raiders. Anyone who has this rank is considered a full-fledged member, is well versed in all of Guardian's rules and have proven themselves to be excellent characters. As a Knight, any repairs to your gear incurred while participating in a Guild Event are paid by the guild bank.

Champion - the PvPers of the guild. These players have chosen to enjoy battleground and arenas more often than dungeons and raids, and retain all of the same benefits of the Knight class in their method of play.

Squire - members of this rank are guildies who are out of the initial probation period. They have the benefit of being considered full-fledged guild members for bank with drawls, however repairs wouldn't be covered yet. These members may not have reached raid level, are still building PvP sets, or aren't sure which aspect of the game they choose to pursue.

MIA - members who have gone missing from the cause. Some members are moved to Fallen Guardian after being missing for a amount of time. But most sadly leave due to being gone for longer then 6 months to a year. 

Initiate - New members to the guild. Any member is expected to be promoted out of this rank after the first two weeks of membership into the guild. As part of the discipline process you may potentially be demoted to this rank.

Punishment rank - actual rank title may change depending on our mood and the level of punishment. Anyone who may have caused a particularly heinous fail, has been continuously in contempt of basic guild rules or incites drama may be demoted to this level temporarily as part of the discipline process. Members can see but cannot reply in guild chat, or cannot see the bank.

How to 'Rank Up'


Discipline and Complaint Policy



Filing a Complaint



Disciplinary Action



Acceptable Language Policy



Guardian is conservative in our approach to recruiting. Because Guardian typically focuses on raiding and achievements, we require that all new recruits be at least level 75 or higher so that they can be experience the game with the guild.

There does come a time when certain classes, or spec, will be closed for recruitment. Recruitment is only closed to these players when we run the risk of having raid composition become imbalanced, or when it becomes apparent that would be unfair to current guild members in terms of raid signs ups and gear.

For more information in regards to what the guild is currently recruiting for, check out the recruiting widget on the left hand side of the main guild page.

Recruitment Widget:

On the Guardian homepage widget on your left, you will see a list of classes and the current recruitment level or that class.

Closed/No Info - Recruitment for this class is currently closed.

Low - We may have reached recommended capacity for this class, and recruiting my be further limited by gear or spec.

Medium - We are currently accepting only certain specs and a pre-determined number for this class. More information regarding such may be posted on the recruitment forum, which is visible to all Guardian members and guests.

Open - Open recruitment, meaning all specs for this class are currently being accepted into the guild.


Raiding Policies

Because Guardian is not solely a raiding guild, we do not make signing up for raids mandatory. However, they are highly recommended and have their own set of rules designed to make the raids sucessful.


You are expected to perform at a certain level for each raid. This may or may not include review of spec, rotation, DPS meter, gemming/reforging etc by a Veteran or Officer. Knowledge of, and recognizing any or all guild rules is also expected of you and shouldn't have to be reiterated.

You must be able to at least listen into Ventrilo (having a mic is not required), and be running at absolute minimum Deadly Boss Mods and Omen Threat Meter. Running other mods is at your discretion.


We all get bent at each other from time to time but don't personally attack or berate anyone if you can help it. We are all there to have fun don't take much of what is said personally. That being said the raid lead might have to say something that rubs you wrong, their job is to have the raid be as successful as possible. So please bear with it trust me we don't enjoy being mean.


No we are not hardcore and our requirements are not all that stringent but to ensure the success of every raid you need to be at least checked over by a raid leader or someone they designate. This can range from a simple inspection all the way up to a test of their design.


You must be online, in your raid group, and making your way to the raid instance 15m before raid start time. If a raids start at 7 server, which means you need to be online with your food (both irl and in game), flasks, pots, and anything else you require at 6:45 so the show will be off the ground and first pull occurs no later than 7. If you must be late or are gunna have to miss inform your raid leader as soon as possible we are reasonable folks not gunna get mad over RL happening it is after all more important.

We expect that if you sign up for an event, barring last minute real life obligations or unforeseen circumstances, you should be on time and ready to go. That includes consumables. If for some reason you sign up for a raid, and something else comes up, it is your responsibility to either change your status in the event, or let an officer know so they can remove you. Officers make themselves available in and out of game.

Everyone wants to have fun and participate in a successful raid. If something comes up and you are too inebriated, preoccupied, or otherwise negatively influenced and/or your performance or attitude suffers you may be talked to privately and may be asked to step out of the raid. We don't want to cause my drama or embarrassment but we are looking out for the best interests of the group. If you are not willing to leave, you may be removed

No Shows/Tardies:

No shows or tardies to raids may result in a lock-out of raids and other guild events. We understand that things happen, and that there are forces outside of the game that require attention. We ask that you be online and ready to be invited 15 minutes before scheduled raid time. For the first tardy you will be given a warning and may be put on the standby list of the raid which you were late for. If it becomes a regular occurrence than you may be locked out of all raids for a minimum of 7 days. You will be considered no-show if you are more than 15 minutes late for the scheduled raid time. Most raids occur at 7pm server. For example: Invites start at 6:45pm, with hopes they start at 7pm. At 7:15 you are considered no show. This includes any of the members of our raiding alliances should there be any, and guild officers.

"Ready and Waiting" means exactly that...ready to go at the right place and time, and waiting for the tank to pull. This is no other acceptable interpretation of the phrase.

For every minute you are late, you will receive a -3.33 to your rolls for the night, up to 100. After 100 you will be put on standby for the week and your position will be forfeit.


AFKs will be given by the raid lead. They can be at any time, for a variety of reasons. Leaders will do their best to call for these AFK's in fair time. The frequency of these depends on the length of the raid, and progression (i.e. number of kills) per raid instance. You can expect a five minute AFK to be called after roughly an hour and a half of raiding in a three hour raid window. Or, after about four of seven boss kills.

The length of the AFK is determined ahead of time, and will be announced to the group. At the end of the scheduled AFK a ready check will be issued. If you don't click ready you will be considered tardy for the AFK. A tardy may result in a negative to your gear rolls.
Pattern of Abuse and Cumulative Infractions are recognized.
First infraction: -50 to your next need (main spec) roll.
Second infraction: -50 to your next need (main spec) roll, and forfeit of any greed rolls (off-spec) for the rest of that raid period.
Third Infraction: Permanent -50 to your need rolls, and forfeit of any greed rolls.
Fourth (or final) Infraction: Removal from the raid group.

Roles and Participation:

Certain raids have certain requirements for difference classes. For progression runs, a gear score/achievement check may also be required.

DPS requirement will be the same amount of DPS needed to beat an at-content boss' enrage timer (HoF this is about 70k, Terrace this is about 90k per DPS).

Defense capped, although avoidance cap is also highly recommended.

Soft haste cap is required, hard is recommended. Maintaining an acceptable mana pool through out an average boss encounter is also a must.

The number one Guardian rule about respect also will be applied in any raid, weather Guardian is the host or otherwise. You will work together as a team to get through the instance. You will offer constructive criticism. You will offer suggestions. You will not gloat, e-peen stroke, lash out, give attitude in the case you may be given attitude. There will be no player bashing because of bad pulls, wipes, d/cs, or any other cause of misfortune in a raid. You will help analyze and fix the problem, not exacerbate it. If you have any issue with anything or anyone, please take it to whispers. If it cannot be resolved privately, get an officer involved to mediate a discussion between the offending parties. DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT let drama or your ego interfere with the raid. It is grounds for warning and demotion.

If you have questions about gear score or are seeking a general idea of where you need to be you can check yourself on www.wow-heroes.com. You can also click on the link to the website on the top of the page.

Guardian guild rules and policies follow and are extended to you in any place you are as you are a member of, and a representative of Guardian.

Raid Lockouts
If Guardian doesn't complete a raid, or elects to extend a raid, only the original members of the raid may continue with the lockout unless there has been explicit consent from the leader of that raid. The lockouts are designed to be used to further guild progression.

If you are found to be using or extending a raid lockout without permission, it is an immediate and non-negotiable removal from the guild.


Raid Spot Challenge/Replacement

Loot Policies

As this is primarily the reason many people raid we might as well hit this first. We operate in a 1 need 2 off spec system. This of course resets when all who share mainspec of an item have won something. Simply put if you have already won something share the wealth, we are in there as a group, a stronger group makes it more fun and much easier. Tier tokens don't count towards you need rolls.

Hit is a stat specifically reserved for caster DPS. It is not useful to healers. However we do know is some cases that spirit is useful for certain caster DPS it's going to come down to a loot role. Since the piece can be main spec for both roles, the dice will have to decide.

Parry/Dodge is a stat reserved for tanks. If you are a melee DPS these will never be main spec items for you. If all tanks pass then you will be allowed to role on that item for your offspec.

Any shards or special items that result from the disenchanting of the item will be put into the guild bank to be recycled back into the raid groups and raiders who need it.

Bind on Equip items regardless of class or role have their own rules. These items will be rolled on first. The winner must equip this item as soon as they receive it - and have the raid leader/master looter verify - before they continue. If no one wants the item, it is placed in the Guild bank for one week to give guildies the option of buying it at the guild bank reduced price. If after one week there is no interest or bid then them item will be put on the Auction House.

As of 6/20/17 Guardian has switched to DKP/Loot Council

Link of notes: http://guardianguild.guildlaunch.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=11565852&gid=98598

will be added to the policies at another time.


Guardian Raiding
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